About Zollege

Our purpose is to produce freedom through education. We do this through skills-based training that leads to jobs. We believe traditional higher education leaves students behind with high costs that lead to debt and poor job opportunities. We are transforming education in this country with high-value, skills-based training that leads to both employment and continuing education opportunities in career fields including Dental Assisting, Medical Assisting, and Software Development.

Our Core Values

  • Mission-driven: We are producing freedom through education in everything we do.
  • Ownership: We empower our team and our students to own their own success.
  • Growth: Grow our organization to transform education in this country, and grow ourselves to transform our organization.
  • Integrity: We always do the right thing for every student.
  • Unity: We always put our team and the communities we serve before ourselves.
  • Excellence: Our students trust us, and we must repay their trust with an excellent education that leads to employment.

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Chris Lofton

Chief Executive Officer

Carly Werling Cavagnoli

Chief Operating Officer


Kevin Colten

Chief Technology Officer